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Dog stories

Your dog is a part of your lifestory, and you are a BIG part of the story of his/her life.

When your dog plays a special part in your life, you already feel that this might be the right photosession for you.

Maybe your dog helped you overcome a lot. Maybe your dog is there for you when no one else is. Or maybe you spend a lot of time together working and training.

You don’t take your dog for granted and that is why professional photo’s of these moment are so special to have.

We could be taking a nice hike, having a break, cuddling at home, and lying with you on the couch. It’s your story, but we can brainstorm together to get the right setting.

A storyshoot is especially nice to have in an album, but there’s also a possibilty to have some story wall art.


I am looking for some touching stories to broadcast here


What’s included?

  • Photoshoot with your dog on different locations

  • Journalistic approach of real moments you have together

  • Relaxed setting, where you have quality time together

  • Portraits together with your dog

  • Portraits of the dog alone

  • Playing or training together

  • Photo visning in person or online

  • Not included but very much recommended here is a story album

Price: kr.1500

(you choose your products afterwards)

Example package with 4 digitals included: kr.3900

The experience

As soon as you book

  • I take the time to listen to your story and your dreams about having it captured
  • We set a date and location for the shoot 
  • I will send you a guide with styling tips for the shoot
  • You get a document with questions so I can prepare well.
  • You can use messenger or sms to contact me about the right outfit 😉
  • You get an invoice to pay the reservation fee for the shoot


During the photoshoot

  • We made a small planning up-front for locations and settings for your story
  • I will be looking for the best spots to photograph and guide you there
  • The focus lies on the connection you have with your dog and me capturing it in a photo journalistic way.So there is a lot of cuddling and playing together involved, but not much posing
  • I have a lot of patience so no stress ;-p 
  • We arrange a meeting to do the ‘foto-visning’.


After the photoshoot

  • We will do a ‘foto-visning’ in person or online
  • I show you your images
  • I help you to choose the photo’s you really like
  • I help you choose the photo’s you want in the album
  • I show you the options for photo products (you are not obligated to buy anything)
  • After the meeting I edit your photo’s within 3 weeks time and order your products.



  • My dog cannot be off leash

    This is not a problem. If you really like your collar we can leave it on, with the leash. I also have a thin leash to use, so I can easily remove it in photoshop afterwards. We can always talk about what works best for you and your dog.

    If a harness is part of your story we could use it. Otherwise I would not recommend putting on a harness during a photoshoot.

  • I want my kids involved in the photo’s

    Yes, this is possible. For example a storyshoot tells the story of your dog and the life he has. Your kids are a part of this story as well, so of course they can cuddle with the dog as well. Keep in mind that my focus lies with the dog. I’m not a family photographer 🙂

  • I have more than one dog

    That’s so nice. I understand you want all of your dogs involved in the shoot. Please send me an email with your requist

  • I’m not in your neighborhood, Can you still photograph us?

    Yes! It depends on the location, but do not hesitate to ask about the possibilities.

  • How much travel costs do you charge?

    Travels within 50km from my location (2630) are free. After that I charge 5kr per KM.

    If a shoot is more than 3 hours away, I might have to charge for staying overnight as well. If I can book more than one photoshoot in your neighborhood, the costs can be shared. So feel free to ask about the possibilities for a shared photoshoot or several minishoots.

  • My dog is not very well trained

    It’s true that it is much easier to photograph a well trained dog, but it doesn’t have to be a problem that your dog is not. We can just keep him on leash and create the special moments any way.

    The guide also contains some tips that you can use to practice some basics.