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Hi, horse lover!!

I know; Your horse is the best! The bond you have together is very special… Maybe you have tried to photograph him or got some selfies together. 

Were you happy? Or…

  • was your horse not looking it’s best?
  • where you in your dirty stable/riding clothes?
  • was the head of your horse way to big on the picture
  • was the image too dark or too light
  • was the area way too crowded with stuff lying all around

These are some examples a lot of people struggle with, while photographing their horses. It’s ok but never a result you would hang on the wall. 

That’s where I come in. I help you prepare, know how to find the right light, the right spot and give you the possibility to just relax and enjoy your time with your horse.

Equine photography

Equine Photoshoot

An equine photoshoot is something special. You probably have a lot of phonepictures of your horse and maybe some horseshow pictures.  This photoshoot with your horse is meant to be special. You taking some real good quality time together. There will be lot’s of cuddles and treats involved.

How to prepare?

A photoshoot is special and something you normally don’t do every week. The whole styling can make or break the result. That’s is why I will send you a guide with tips before your shoot and I’m also very happy to help you pick out the best combination for you and your horse. Don’t be afraid; I will never have you wear something, you don’t feel comfortable in.

Paying some extra attention to your hair and make-up can make a big difference as well!

The photoshoot

The photoshoot takes place, preferably before sunset. During the photoshoot I will be looking for special moments between you two. Don’t be afraid of posing or smiling in the camera. All you have to do is enjoy your time together and I will guide you through it all!

Sometimes it takes very little time, because the horse feels totally relaxed, but sometimes there is a bit more tention. No problem. A good photo takes only a split second and I have a lot of patience 😉

Full service

I offer full service. This means that I help you from tips on getting ready until the beautiful product you wish to have afterwards. For example a beautiful wall-art or an album to cherish forever.

What do you get?

  • Guide to help you prepare as well as you can
  • My help, if needed, on choosing the right outfit
  • A photoshoot on a nice location, including as much patience as needed 🙂
  • I will show you high quality products to choose from
  • A personal ‘foto-visning’ to pick out your favourites
  • A number of High Resolution photo digitals, depending on the package you choose
  • All your product photo’s in digitals as well

The experience

As soon as you book

  • We set a date and location for the shoot (after sunrise or before sunset)
  • I will send you a guide with styling tips for the shoot
  • You get a document with questions so I can prepare well.
  • You can use messenger or sms to contact me about the right outfit 😉
  • You get an invoice to pay the reservation fee for the shoot
  • It helps a lot if you can arrange for someone to come along to help during the photosession


During the photoshoot

  • I will be looking for the best spots to photograph and guide you there
  • I always try to get a variety of locations in the session, but light is my leading factor
  • The focus lies on the connection you have with your horse. To achieve this, there is a lot of cuddling and treats involved 😉
  • I have a lot of patience so no stress ;-p 
  • After the shoot, we arrange a meeting to do the ‘foto-visning’.
  • If the ‘foto-visning’ is online, I will show you the photo-products already now


After the photoshoot

  • We will do a ‘foto-visning’ in person or online
  • I show you your images
  • I help you to choose the photo’s you really like
  • I show you the options for photo products (you are not obligated to buy anything)
  • After the meeting I edit your photo’s within 3 weeks time and order your products.



    • I’m not very photogenetic:

    Don’t worry! It’s all about having a nice time with your horse. I will do everything I can to make you feel comfortable. You do not have to smile into the camera 😉 Once you are relaxed, your photo’s will look amazing. Be proud of yourself!

    • My horse cannot stand still without a leish:

    No problem, I have a special photohalter and if that’s not possible for you, I also have some other props to photoshop out of the picture afterwards

    • My horse will not stand still for a long time:

    Try to stay relaxed. It helps yourself and your horse if you do not get irritated or angry. A photo takes only a splitsecond and I have a lot of patience. If your horse needs to walk a little bit or maybe run in the paddock to get his energy off; that’s no problem for me.

    • What do most people buy?

    Most people want a wall-art or an album

    • Do I get the images from the wall-art or album as digitals as well?

    Yes, I deliver these images as digital files as well

    • How much do most people spend?

    Most people spend between 4000kr and 10000kr

    • What is a foto visning?

    This is a meeting online or in-person where I show you your images and help you choose. I will also show you a variety of products to choose from, and help you with the size. Everything to give you the service you deserve.

    • I’m not in your neighborhood. Can I still book you?

    Yes! It depends on the location. But maybe your shoot can be combined with another one. That way you can share the travelcosts! This could mean that you have to have a bit more patience, but do not hesitate to ask about the possibilities.

    • How much travel costs do you charge?

    Travels within 50km of my location (2630) are free. After that I charge 5kr per KM.

    If a shoot is more than 3 hours away, I might have to charge for staying overnight as well. If I can book more than one photoshoot in your neighborhood, the costs can be shared.