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Your puppies first year

I know, It’s so exciting to welcome that little furry creature into your life.

Seeing them discovering the world is like real life tv. Nothing is more entertaining if you ask me!

But they grow up só fast!! And they keep you occupied all the time 🙂 so that’s why I created this special puppy package.

Because there is only 1 puppy year to remember after your dog has grown up.

    What’s included?

    • 3!!! Photoshoots with your puppy on a nice location

    • around 8 weeks + around 4 months+ around 1 year

    • Relaxed setting, where you have quality time together

    • Portraits together with your puppy (if you want)

    • Portraits of the puppy alone

    • Playing or training together

    • Puppy in action pictures

    • Photo visning in person or online, after every session

    • 5 digital images of every session that will be in the album or image box afterwards

    • After session 3, I will make a nice album of your puppy’s first year!

    Price: kr.9900

    This is including 3!! photoshoots, an album and 15 digitals

    The experience

    As soon as you book

    • We set the first date and location for the shoot (after sunrise or before sunset)
    • I will send you a guide with styling tips for the shoot
    • You get a document with questions so I can prepare well.
    • You can use messenger or sms to contact me about the right outfit 😉
    • You get an invoice to pay the reservation fee for the 3 shoots


    During the photoshoot

    • We choose a save location where the puppy can play and feel free
    • I will be looking for the best spots to photograph and guide you there
    • I choose several spots to photograph during the session
    • The focus lies on the connection you have with your puppy. So there is a lot of cuddling and playing together involved
    • I have a lot of patience so no stress ;-p 
    • During the first session we schedule the other 2 sessions
    • We arrange a meeting to do the ‘foto-visning’.

    After the photoshoot

    • We will do a ‘foto-visning’ in person or online
    • I show you your images
    • I help you to choose the photo’s you really like
    • I show you the options for photo products (you are not obligated to buy anything)
    • After the meeting I edit your photo’s within 3 weeks time and order your products.
    • After 3 session, I will design a photoalbum of your puppy’s first year, with your favourite images included.



    • My dog cannot be off leash

      No problem, I have a small leash which I can remove in photoshop afterwards. 

      If you really like your dogs collar you can also leave that on. I will only remove the leash afterwards.

    • I want my kids involved in the photo’s

      Yes, this is possible. Keep in mind that my focus lies with the dog. I’m not a family photographer 🙂

    • I have more than one dog

      That’s so nice. I understand you want your other dog involved in the shoot as well. So this is possible, but keep in mind that this is a puppy photoshoot, so my focus lies with the puppy.

    • I’m not in your neighborhood, Can you still photograph us?

      Yes! It depends on the location. Because there will be 3 photoshoots involved, we will have to discuss the distance to see if it’s possible for me.

    • How much travel costs do you charge?

      Travels within 50km of my location (2630) are free. After that I charge 5kr per KM.

      I will have to charge the travelcosts for all three shoots

    • My dog is not very well trained

      I understand, you have a puppy!

      I always encourage to keep a positive mindset and a playfull environment so the puppy is happy to be there.