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Hi, here’s your chance to book a photosession like Cecilie Schilbred got.

Cecilie and I had such a nice day together, that we decided to do a cooperation and let you profit from that!!

A photoshoot is not just getting some nice images. It’s an experience;

  • from the preparations,
  • to getting ready,
  • to the photosession
  • and the fotovisning afterwards, when you see the first results.

It happens quite a lot that I see tears of happiness, when people see their images for the first time. I would love to do this for you too!

“Marije har en spesiell evne til å se-og føle stemninger. Bildene hennes er magiske!” 

Cecilie Schilbred

You are here because you are (online) friends with Cecilie Schilbred dressage. This form is only accessable through her link, so that is why you get a unique opportunity here.

The first 2 people who book through this form get 20% discount on the total amount they want to spend.

After that there are 3 spots left and they get 10% discount on the total amount they want to spend.

for prices click here