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Foto Vrolijk

Ada Marlene Vrolijk,

Moments Like This Photography

Marije Baan

are presenting a Horsephotography Workshop together

moments like this

Photographing horses is about so much more than just a pretty horse and a good camera.

It’s YOU behind the camera that makes all the difference.

You need to:

  • master the light
  • know how to find the best spots
  • know how to communicate with your clients/models
  • know about posing
  • know about composition

And, and, and….

When we met each other for the first time, we were so enthusiastic that we started talking about working together right away. 

Together we have a lot of experience and knowledge that we would love to share with you in a high quality workshop.

Not just watching and clicking, but real information, tips and tricks, that will help you further in your horsephotography journey.

The workshop will be mainly in Norwegian, but for me it can help a lot if you understand English as well.

Did you know that Ada and I have the same background?
It’s Dutch <3

She is totally Norwegian though, and I’m trying to be 🙂

The program:

  • kl.13:00 -Start

  • Theory

  • Hobby and business

  • Dinner

  • Photographing the first 2 models

  • Pause and moving to second location

  • til sunset: photographing the other 2 models 

Of course we will also show you how to edit the images.

This will be online in the week after the workshop. 


  • Date: 19 juni 2021
  • Location:

    The mountain area around Ringebu, Gudbrandsdalen

  • Minimum equipment:
    • a DSLR/speilrefleks or Mirrorless camera
    • a (zoom) lens. 85mm or more. 
  • Minimum knowledge:

    You know how to use your camera manually or you know how to work with shutter- or aperture priority.

  • physical health:

    There will be some hiking on rough terrain involved so you need to be ok with that.



If you want we can arrange an overnight stay for you after the workshop. This is a house where you can stay with other workshop attendees. Let us know if this is something you would like.